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coming up on r t the german government orders a top u.s. intelligence official out of the country it's another sign of strained relations between the two allies over u.s. spying the latest just ahead. and new developments in the crisis in iraq isis militants have obtained two rayney from universities so could it be repurposed for terrorism we'll take a look at that coming up. and you've likely heard the phrase you are what you eat but a recent study says junk food can do all all a lot more than just make you gain weight and may be able to harm your d.n.a. and that of your children find out the details later in the show.
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it's thursday july tenth four pm in washington d.c. i mean you're a david and you're watching r t america. an appeal for help in preventing the country's chemical weapons from being used by insurgents in iraq as a veiled in a letter to the united nations that the extremist group formerly known as isis has made off with dangerous materials used to create dirty bombs today the state department responded to those revelations take a listen is this recently said that it has acquired a chemical weapons facility in twenty five hundred degraded weapons does the state department have a comment on that and what is the potential fallout over acquiring the weapons and the chemical facilities well first let me note that there was a copy of a letter and i know you're aware of this but just so everybody is aware of a letter that the iraqi permanent representative to united nations sent to u.n.
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secretary general ban ki-moon which was circulated yesterday to members of the security council which outlined this the purpose of the letter was to notify the international community of the seizure of university of mosul facilities containing nuclear materials in june and to request international assistance in typical fashion these requests are sent just directly to the i.a.e.a. and they look into them and that is of course the natural process at this point i would point you to the comments in the statement made by the i had today that they believe the material involved to be low grade and not presenting a significant safety security or nuclear proliferation risk of course they're the appropriate entity to make any decision about whether there is a risk or concern but it doesn't seem that is the case at this point time artie's lindsey france reports on the latest developments and the insurgents efforts to arm them. in the letter from iraq's u.n. ambassador mohammad ali al hakim to the united nations he wrote that the forty
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kilos or eighty eight pounds of uranium compounds kept for research at a facility northwest of baghdad are now in the hands of the insurgent group islamic state formally known as isis which is attempting to overrun the country the u.n. international atomic energy agency responded saying that it believes the low grade of the material does not pose a significant security risk however al hakim stated that materials obtained can be used in manufacturing weapons of mass destruction with the required expertise and importantly warned they could be smuggled out of iraq given the country's current instability now this sunni muslim group known as the law islamic state is now kind offshoot is spearheading the takeover of large areas of iraq and neighboring syria the group captured the facility in early june two bunkers inside of it are believed to contain two thousand five hundred degraded rockets filled with the deadly nerve agent sarin and mustard gas u.s. officials have downplayed the risk claiming the materials are too old to be useful
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but regardless of what the i.e.e.e. a or the united states government says now the fear remains that with the required expertise these could be developed into something dangerous and smuggled across the border and here's why these long stay group is currently using weapons it recently seized in iraq to intensify its offensive in iraq and syria according to many media reports with crises carrying out across both those countries and libya and gaza the fact remains that these militants have a growing interest in chemical weapons they've seized materials and are potentially on the road to any of these hot spots that's why statements of the materials age isn't doing much to iraq's concern and those of many other nations concerned some seem willing to ignore. i was artie's lindsay france. and now to the latest in ukraine kiev authorities say that so far four hundred eighty seven civilians including children have been killed in the military crackdown on eastern ukraine
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casualties are mounting on the ukrainian side as well according to the military ukrainians saw the deaths of more than two hundred government troops in the three month conflict the crisis has been unfolding for months in the region between government forces an anti kiev rebels despite repeated attempts to find a solution artie's maria for notion of reports on the violence from lugansk today again we woke up from very loud songs all of a tillery we are in the city center and the shelling was so close that we were able to hear the launch of the shells and we were also hearing how they were lending the government forces continue to shell the ukrainian army is positions in the outskirts of the city with the country's military firing back it happens very often that shells land in quite unexpected places in the city center in many residents have already fled the city and people continue to leave people were terrified by
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promises from kiev to surround the city of donetsk and lugansk and fears were rising that it could become useless beyond skin color tours to the centers of the operation for months where clashes were very fierce and very deadly but lugansk is a very big city with a population of more than four hundred thousand people while denounce his home to one million people and concerns were rising the consequences of such strategy also will be bigger and. that was our correspondent maria if an ocean. the death toll in the gaza strip rose sharply today as israel escalated its air and sea assault on the coastal enclave twenty six more gazans have reportedly been killed bringing the death toll up to eighty one meanwhile palestinian militants continue to launch rockets at tel aviv and other israeli cities for more on the latest let's go to our tease harry fear. local palestinian human rights groups say twenty children have been killed and ten women now among the civilian population at large
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hundreds of palestinian homes have been destroyed and from the north to the south of the gaza strip that has been an aerial naval bombardment since the operation began additionally of significance israel basically attacked a cafe along the beach area in the gaza strip and the local media here reports that this was specifically effect in a group of civilians watching to see through walls college football and shoes and seven deaths reported in this incident as well and this of course is in stark contrast the image here to tell us these on is rather large the moments no israelis have been reported killed as a result of these hundreds of palestinian rockets being fired from this coastal on place people in gaza fearful of an escalation to the key question is whether or not there's likely to be a ground escalation you know he's right a minute she officials have alluded to the possibility of this whether or not this
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is just a preparedness or actual strategy in the upcoming days is yet to be seen but certainly in this policy in gaza concepts palestinians remember the two thousand and eight two thousand and nine operation which saw a ground that we're now as artie's harry fear. now to germany where the government has ordered a top u.s. intelligence official in the u.s. embassy in berlin to leave the country there's a mess germany's growing concern over american espionage activities r t peter oliver is in berlin with more this is as a direct result of two recent spy scandals it came after an emergency session of the palm entry committee for control of intelligence and well they said it was down to the refusal of u.s. intelligence services to work with the german counterparts of the back of the. these two investigations that we've see now this is clearly designed to represent a strong statement to washington not something that there has been accusations here
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in germany that the german government haven't been doing that they haven't been doing enough to show strength in the face of spy scandals that have really been emerging although solidly since the first leaks from edward snowden over a year ago but in a statement a government spokesman said that the german government would continue to work with its partners but the continued working relationship relied a lot on trust and that there had been trust lost here. i just want to see that if you look at it using common sense in my opinion spying on allies and friends is a waste of energy this of course follows these two scandals that we've seen what involving a officer of the federal intelligence service remains in custody awaiting trial who was arrested last week and just this week we saw the searching of a the home and office of an employee of the defense ministry there's no arrest
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being made there but that inquiry continues so that's the decision that's been made by the germans they've told the representative of the u.s. security services yes the packets bags and leave the country now as are thousands peter oliver all right to discuss the implications of all of this on us german relations i want to bring in william binney former n.s.a. whistleblower bill thank you so much for joining me at this point germany has seen everything from an essay spying to two now to alleged double agents do you think this diplomat being expelled is a proportional response considering the recent events. well i think that's pretty pretty standard procedure i mean we've had like israelis recruiting people inside the u.s. government to spy for them so i mean this goes on with the spy agencies around the world they attempt to recruit people in the standard practice is to. throw them out
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of the country after you catch them now to be clear this intelligence representative is the cia chief of station he is responsible for coordinating secret service activities and germany i mean how big of a wasp would this representative be to to u.s. intelligence efforts in the country i would impact simply because that is that administrator is not a someone who's doing the work so whatever work is being done is still being done by people who are there. and certainly the guy at the head of the operation can be replaced without losing any capability well chancellor merkel has reacted to all of this she called this american espionage activity a waste of energy what do you make of her response i think that's pretty much true i mean i've been arguing against this book acquisition of information that everybody in the planet. because it is the exactly that
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a waste of energy i mean in fact it is detrimental to the effort of what it does is that it buries your people in so much information that they have a hard time getting through it and therefore have a hard time succeeding at what they're supposed to be doing which is preventing terrorist attacks and and in international crime and things like that well before all of this took place i mean how would you describe the way u.s. and german intelligence agencies work together or did they work very closely. i think they have a longstanding fairly close relationship it appears to me anyway to be getting closer as time progresses so i think they have a fairly fairly close relationship and dependency and cooperative effort and they probably want to get past this rough part in the road here so i think they'll drive to to smooth things out over time we're following at the leaks of the n.s.a.
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surveillance program chancellor merkel said the two countries have very different approaches to the role of intelligence agency is how would you create characterize that difference. i'm not so sure there is too much difference at all except in terms of the approach that n.s.a. has taken in bulk acquisition of information i'm not sure that the the german counterpart is doing that but i don't know for sure i mean they'll have to find out in their investigation if they're in fact doing that also if they aren't then and certainly that would be a big difference well we know that that germany has been trying to find out more about the extent of u.s. surveillance in germany you were actually called to testify in front of the german parliament this month about that very issue what were you asked. just basically you know what what i perceived the entire intelligence objective
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with this book acquisition of information was i mean it was it was basically a total information awareness effort to find out every information on everybody in the planet and to me that was a not just a waste of time energy and money and effort but it also is counterproductive and that's basically what i told them that this kind of acquisition of information buries their analysts and makes them dysfunctional the german n.s.a. inquiry committee is looking into whether german intelligence services had worked with the n.s.a. to help them retrieve this information is it clear that there had been some kind of collaboration going on. from some of the material i've read that there's been published from the snowden data it appears that they've been cooperating on some level what that level is i'm still not sure it's not clear to me yet. how much
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they've been cooperating or to what extent they've been participating in the bulk acquisition of information now even without the incidents that happened in the last week chancellor merkel has been getting a lot of resistance from german citizens a lot of pressure from media and from opposition politicians that say that she should be taking a tougher stance that she should take a tougher line with the u.s. why do you think that she's alternately chosen not to do that. well first of all i think the german people have a living memory of a tele tarion state and that's the stuff as east german stasi and the stasi state and how they monitored and collected information on virtually everybody they could so they have a living memory of that and we here in the united states don't i mean we'd have to go back almost two hundred forty years before we'd have somebody who was more like a dictator george the third in england in charge of us at the time so we don't have
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any living memory of it to tell a tarion state or the processes that to tell it terry and states implement and that's part of the problem here in the states over there they have a they have a living memory of it so they obviously it's understandable why chancellor merkel would say things like the acquisition of her phone and information like that and trailing her and things like that is like the stasi because it's just like the stuff that's the whole point of it that's all that to tell a tearing process but in the long run i think what she wants to do is resolve the issues and smooth out the relationship and get through this rough road alaska scene dated these real relations can be smoothed over it seems like if it's getting worse and worse and anyhow bill then a former n.s.a. whistleblower case or joining us i do. all right well we're just learning that chinese hackers apparently broke into the federal office of personnel
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management back in march targeting tens of thousands of employees who applied for a top security clearance according to the new york times senior american officials have said the breach was tracked back to china but not necessarily to the chinese government it's not clear how the hackers breached the system but what they've likely been able to retrieve is details on security clearance applicants that includes their foreign contacts previous jobs and personal information like past drug use the latest revelation comes just as secretary kerry meets with china's president in beijing about how to develop better economic and security cooperation move seems to be an effort to salvage relations after a tough year and included president obama dodging china during his tour of age of this spring china quickly dismissed the allegations of hacking today a spokesman for the government said some us media and u.s. cyber security always smear china and create the theory that china is
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a cyber threat but they can't provide sufficient evidence of that we feel strongly that these kinds of reports and comments are irresponsible and not worth a comment or refuting hacking has been a major point of contention in the u.s. and china with each side accusing the other of of hacking in march of this year it was revealed that the n.s.a. had secretly been tapping into the networks of chinese telecom and internet giant huawei just two months later in may the u.s. made public an indictment accusing chinese military officials of the hacking into several large u.s. companies including westinghouse and u.s. steel. well the next time you decide to scarf down a super sized pizza big mac or ice cream sundae you may want to think twice about it because you could do more to harm yourself you can do a lot more than just add on wanted pounds new research suggests that bingeing on
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junk food on a regular basis can scar a person's d.n.a. and be passed down from generation to generation it's all laid out in a new study published by the nutrition journal that finds eating fast food can lead offspring to have a greater risk of cancer of limitation infections and allergic reactions joining me to break all of this down is lead author of the study were ten a commander doctor even miles also a physician researcher with the national institute of health thank you so much for joining me thank you for having all right so there are a lot of people out there myself included they don't quite understand how their digestive system works can you break down sort of the bacteria balance in the system and how we really process food so there's millions of bacteria in the line the entirety of your stomach and your small intestines and your guts and so forth and what you eat they eat and they live off of that and so you can push back you know just alone the different nutrients you put in there can cause some bacteria to
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become more predominate or go away and there are other things that happen you when you eat. it when it's junk food your body can miss perceive that as a bacterial invader kind of create this low level inflammation and that can shift the bacteria in your gut as well so unhealthy food can definitely make that process more difficult right in people who eat unhealthy food are going to have got bacteria that reflect an unhealthy state right i want to focus on women first you know we've heard that pregnant women what they eat can affect a child's flavor preferences you know if they eat vegetables and their child is going to come out you know loving vegetables vice versa if they eat desserts the child's going to. sweet sweet foods and such. you know most people think about that pretty innocuously but how serious that i mean is that the more dangerous than we think. from there's evidence now what you can actually affect the gut bacteria in the in the fetus growing in the womb so it's far more complex than we. right now
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is far more complicated but yeah it's definitely a major issue and you know what women eat while pregnant and feed to their children when they're young definitely affects their immune system down the line now as i understand it when we can transfer this through breast feeding my correct they matter partly it's through the through the got micro biome right it is for some of the charts i saw that were laid on the study suggested that caregiving also plays a role one of the things i saw was. kissing and touching can you go into that a little bit more it just seems hard to imagine that something sort of more superficial on the outside could could have an effect on your skin is covered with bacteria as well and when you are healthy the bacteria can be more likely to be healthy on your skin and so kissing and caregiving and all that is a way that you can transfer good bacteria or harmful bacteria to your child through the skin and a lot of people always you know think it's the woman's responsibility to be the
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healthy eater especially when she's pregnant but as i understand you know the father plays a really big role as well can you talk about about that i mean is it is their role equally important important not equally as not equally as you can imagine in a lot of reason a lot of ways but the fathers what they eat getting coded into the way the d.n.a. is packaged so the dads are making news sperm every second and what they're eating gets in coded into the way that d.n.a. is packaged in the sperm and then when they're when they have a child or when the woman gets pregnant during those initial stages that's what the kid is going to have the packaging the reflects what their dad was eating or how they were behaving if they're smoking a fair deal. if they're not exercising all of these things can get passed on from the father so on healthy eating gene can be passed on just like the color of the hair no. it's slightly different it's not a it's not a genus the way the genes are packaged so their genes are set the color of your hair is going to get passed down to the child precisely the way it was written it's
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just the packaging could be a little different genes get turned up or genes get turned down and you could give your kid a kind of a bad starting hand so to speak and what you found actually supports the notion that this this could stretch across multiple generations is there a way to break the cycle from our research which again was limited to mice but at least for the immune system it looked like if you know if the child starts eating healthy and then you know that offspring gets pregnant then the subsequent kid is protected so basically you know it's not that you're good with your grandfather it is really going to harm you if your parents broke the cycle so whenever you start eating healthy then that's how you can break the cycle for the generations that come after you and you certainly tell people to try to eliminate as much sugar and fat from from their diet as possible but in the study you also mentioned gluten and this is something a lot of people are trying to avoid these days myself included. is
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a lot of people like to dismiss it as just a fad i was wondering what your research has told you about the kind of effect this has on your body do you think the people that are dismissing it are rightfully pointing out that there's a big gap between how much attention gluten gets in terms of avoiding and how much actual hard science there is to argue against gluten but there is some evidence that says that gluten can again get misperceived as a bacterial invader in the body and that could lead to low level inflammation that's in mice it's a limited study we have a long way to go to prove it but there's maybe something more there you can't be as dismissive as some people have been. glad to know that as justification for me anyways we run out of time but dr neil. miles of the national institute of health you so much for coming on but you get. all right believe it or not there was a time in new york when tourists stayed away from times square it was an area where violent crime so place on a daily basis but in the late eighty's police began cracking down in the area and
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now times square is a vibrant spot in the big apple known for its glitz and glamour and tons of shops and restaurants in theaters the area is now a mega tourist destination but now there is a new threat to times square costume characters that's right some members of city council believe it's time to curb elmo spiderman and mickey mouse winnie the pooh and all other costume characters for characters who make their living taking pictures for a few bucks they want to have all the characters register with the city one council person believes this will help cut down on bad actors who may cross the line with some tourists while trying to make a quick buck but some of the street performers believe the crackdown is coming from big corporations like disney and sesame street who see the characters cashing in on their property so next time you're in times square on the lookout for that pushy elmo he may be a little bit more desperate since the city you see be taking away his livelihood
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anyways boom bust is coming up next here on our air and joins us for a quick preview hi erin thank you and i'm all for new york city getting rid of off . so creepy you know you're from there so you would know all about sounds good to me let's move forward but anyway coming up on my show us chinese buyers are scooping up tens of billions of dollars worth of homes here in the u.s. so where are they buying these sums and for how much are they buying them for we'll look into it coming right up and it's check thursday today edward harrison are discussing the price wars and wearable technology it's all coming up all right thanks aaron ix. and that does it for now for more on the stories we covered going to you tube dot com forward slash r t america check out our website r t dot com for its last usa follow me on twitter and amir a david and stay tuned boom bust is next. the washington well it's a mess that is being suggested to the list is among the many candidates
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for the office even covering the issues actually back to me doesn't do too much for ad revenue my new tech agriculture giant takes on a seventy six year old american farmer in the studio fallout do you think this is going to create for the cia do you think this is what's triggering the break their facilities to the world it's also the largest debtor nation in the history of breaking the set is mostly about alternatives to the status quo but one might give real alternatives points to what the core of the american dream is the next they were just trying to survive it's time for americans and lawmakers in washington to wake up and start talking about the real causes.
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and. i'm abby martin the stories we cover here are not going here in iraq a separate story the extra headlines same time there's a reason that they don't want to deny all that are important phrase that we should all be completely outraged now let's break the set. they can see and make it the phrase a similar. notion that acting virtuous will make one virtuous. often recommended as a therapy technique for combating depression. the idea is to go through the routines of life as if one were enjoying. a continuing doing this.
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